Dear Friend,

We are planning two new projects for 2018 to respond to this huge challenge of providing sound Bible instruction for pastors in China.

The first project is making 30 of Derek’s foundational messages available on USB drives and distributing them to pastors across China.

These anointed teachings are audio-visual recordings of material that was close to Derek’s heart. All audio has been dubbed into the highest quality Chinese—almost as if Derek spoke the language fluently!

Recently, we created a student’s manual that covers all 30 of these teachings. It includes an introduction of each video, a review of the teaching, and a study guide section with questions for students to answer after they have watched the videos. For the very first time in China, these manuals will be included on USB drives.

Our plan is to distribute 10,000 copies of these USB sticks. We believe that the Lord can powerfully use this material to equip Chinese pastors—helping them learn and grow under Derek’s anointed teaching.

The second project is putting Derek’s teaching on prayer into the hands of Chinese Christians. We plan to distribute two significant books: Shaping History through Prayer & Fasting, and Praying for the Government.

The Chinese church in the 20th century was a praying church. In the 1970s when the city of Wenzhou saw intense persecution, a 24-hour prayer network was launched. As a result, the city of Wenzhou became the city with the highest percentage of believers anywhere in China.

But today, secularization has set in. Unlike those earlier days, dependence on the Lord through prayer has grown much weaker.

That is why we believe it is time to release Derek’s vital teaching on prayer. It is urgently needed!

Will you send a gift today to our China Outreach to help us turn these plans into reality?

Your generosity will help provide life-changing Bible teaching to pastors like Brother Li—a house church leader in a city of southeast China. He wants to help his congregation to understand the Bible better and to grow strong in their faith.

Until recently, he could not find discipleship materials to use—and that was a big problem for him.

Then, a few months ago, Brother Li came across Declaring God’s Word on WeChat. He got very excited and told others in his church to listen in.

“I really need such pure Bible teaching to strengthen the brothers and sisters in our church,” Li said. “What I can offer to them is limited. But Derek’s teaching can really help them grow up in the Lord.”

Christians like Brother Li show great faith when they step up to lead a church. We want to do all we can to help them share the gospel with others in their communities.

That is why I am hoping you will join forces with our DPM–China team by sending a gift of $40 or more today.

Together we can equip Chinese pastors like Brother Li with discipleship resources. We can help them minister God’s Word to others in the church and in the digital world. For example:

  • A gift of $40 will put USB drives loaded with foundational Bible teaching into the hands of five Chinese pastors to disciple new and mature Christians.
  • A gift of $70 will provide 50 copies of Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting and Praying for the Government for Chinese Christians who have increased persecution from local government officials.
  • A gift of $100 or more can enable us to increase our impact in the digital world by preparing and uploading more of Derek’s materials on our Chinese websites—on WeChat and other social media outlets.

Your generosity and prayers will help Chinese pastors like Brother Li teach believers to stand strong in their faith. And, you will experience the joy of knowing you contributed to empowering and equipping Chinese brothers and sisters with God’s life-giving Word.

Thank you for being a vital part of our DPM–China Outreach.

With great hopes for what God will do in China in 2018,





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