Dear Praying Brothers and Sisters,

I want to begin our six-monthly Derek Prince China bulletin by saying that this is in many ways the most exciting time for our ministry in China. I have served this ministry in Derek Prince Ministries for over 30 years, and never have we had so many opportunities to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ. Let me list some of them below and ask you to pray with us for them, please. We so much appreciate your prayers.

New Technology

Reaching China’s many believers through the internet:

• The two Derek Prince Chinese websites: one for inside China ( and one for outside China, for Chinese people living and working in other countries ( Most of you will know that “YeGuangMing” (as in the website address) is Derek’s Chinese name.

We are putting as many of Derek’s Chinese materials as we can on to those two sites, in pdf (book) format and in audio-visual format.

As I have mentioned before, “Declaring God’s Word” (365 daily readings) is already available in text and audio (read by one of our team, with beautiful music which she plays before and after).

DPM WeChat platform: WeChat is a massive app within China. If you are a cellphone or tablet user, just think of your 5 most-used daily apps (to communicate with others, to pay bills or whatever) and then think of them all being inside one app. That is what WeChat is. Many Chinese only use WeChat for all their needs.

We have a Derek Prince Chinese platform within WeChat which is already being visited by Chinese from every province inside China except two - and we want to reach those two provinces also!

Derek’s materials are supplied freely inside WeChat. But what is most exciting is that our China team engages with people who come to them with questions etc. This is such a wonderful gift of the Lord.

Pray: That many, many of China’s 800 million internet users will come across the WeChat platform and the site and become ‘regulars’ on them.

Literature - More traditional methods

Earlier this year, we printed 150,000 Chinese books in China. Right now, we are also printing a total of 340,000 books in three venues in China:
• A combined version of “Be Perfect” and “Pulling Down Strongholds” (100,000 copies)
• “Faith To Live By” (120,000 copies)
• “The Atonement” (renamed “Bought With Blood”) (120,000 copies)
One printer tells us he is reaching at least seven different provinces to distribute these books.

Pray: For protection for those who have responsibility for this work inside China.

Pray: Pray for wider and wider distribution to many Chinese.

The “30x13” Project

The 30x13 project in Chinese is so exciting. This is 30 of Derek’s core teachings (we have mentioned this project previously), translated into Chinese, audio-dubbed and distributed in pdf, MP3 and audio-visual MP4 formats. Now we are working on study materials to accompany these teachings, with questions and answers for each student so that, after listening to Derek’s teaching, they have materials to remind them of what Derek has said and ensure they have understood the teaching. This has potential for both online and classroom training.

Pray: These 30x13 materials and study guides are so, so critical to ground Chinese leaders and pastors in the Word of God. Please pray for them to be widely used within China.


iBibles for the needy....

One of the many things that we do for China’s believers is send iBibles to brothers and sisters in very poor areas, because they can neither read nor write, or because some have eye problems. So, they cannot respond with testimonies, but they can respond with the iBibles in their hands - a few of them have sent photos (see images below). They can play these MP3 machines and listen to the Bible, or they can listen to the audio versions of the 30 teachings in our muchused “30x13” series by Derek Prince. Of course, this is a minority group - folk who, for one reason or another, can’t read in China. But we are thrilled to be able to give them access to Derek’s teaching and to the Scriptures.

The “DPM China” Team

One of the things that thrills me most is the team that God has gathered around us to serve the church in China. I cannot mention their real names for security reasons, but please pray for them.

• Patrick and his wife Caroline are Chinese citizens who live in the West. They came to Jesus whilst living in China, and were discipled by Derek’s materials in the two different cities where they lived. After they left China and began life in the West, they approached us asking if they could help.

Caroline carefully checks each of Derek’s books that we want to print in China, making sure they are accurate and good translations.

Patrick has responsibility for the WeChat platform and the two Chinese websites mentioned above.

(Please do pray for them. We initially thought Caroline had a full-time job and only later did we discover she had given up her job to work fully for the China ministry without telling us. She had no other income. They are amazing people!)

• We also have two sisters in the southern hemisphere, Sandra and Georgia; one is mainland Chinese, the other Taiwanese-Chinese.

Sandra does a wonderful job, liaising with our printers inside China, making sure they receive the funds for printing in China that you so generously give, and also finding out which books they want to print.

Georgia does the final typesetting to produce printready versions of the books to be sent into China to the printers.

• Inside China there is also the team who do the actual book printing and distribution work.

• Amongst the China team workers, the only non-Chinese member is Josie who is my PA and helps me with the multitude of emails that come in concerning Derek Prince’s work in China.

• Not to forget my wife Christine who ‘project manages’ the literature work on my behalf by liaising (specifically with Sandra, Georgia and Caroline) - to ensure the smooth running of the book printing operation.
Pray: For each member of the China team. These are such a faithful group of people that God has raised up. Please do lift them up in prayer for His encouragement and strength.
We continue to thank you for your prayer. It means much. As I have often said, the only limitation we have in this ministry is that of finance. The more finance, the more books, the more materials we can produce. So, don’t forget please, to pray for the Lord of the Harvest to provide funding!

Yours in His grace and gratitude,

Ross Paterson
Director, Derek Prince Ministries: China
on behalf of the whole Derek Prince Ministries team inside and outside China.