Dear Friend,

Every time I read these words from Matthew 7:24 -27 I am reminded that laying a strong foundation in God’s Word is vital for enabling us to respond in a godly way to challenges of everyday life.

I am also reminded of the fact that thousands of Christians in Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Poland or Bulgaria have little or no access to Bible-based discipleship resources they can use to lay strong foundations for their spiritual lives.

Although the challenges they face vary from country to country, their situation can be best described by a statement Derek Prince made in Foundations for Christian Living: “ They (these believers) have never laid a sound doctrinal foundation. Consequently, they have never been able to build a stable, successful Christian life.”

Today I am inviting you to help change this situation by praying for Christians in Eastern Europe and by sending a special gift to our DPM outreach in this region.

Many Christians in Eastern Europe need foundational Bible teaching to help them build their lives upon God’s Word.

Here are just a handful of comments from our outreach workers in this region that can help you understand why Christians in Eastern Europe need our help:

The church in Croatia is made up of small congregations that are often led by people who do not have a lot of Bible training. This means that most Christians are not taught well and some lose the desire to go to church.

In Poland a lot of people would describe themselves as Christians but most of them do not know even the basics of faith. A series of simple resources that outline the principles of our faith is needed for igniting people’s love for the Bible.

In recent years Bulgaria has been flooded with Christian books that present unbalanced views of scriptures which have caused confusion amongst believers. Because of this situation, we are seeing more Christians asking for teaching by Derek Prince because they know that Derek’s books are rooted in biblical truths.

In Serbia lack of trained leaders coupled with the difficult economic situation is contributing to the weakening of the church. In such difficult times, Christians are crying out for Bible based materials they can use in their churches.

Throughout his many years of ministry Derek Prince encouraged Christians from all walks of life to build strong foundations for their faith by studying God’s Word. He helped them to do so by creating a wealth of discipleship resources for them to use.

I know that when Christians in Eastern Europe get hold of Derek’s teaching in their language and apply it in their lives amazing transformations can happen, as the enclosed testimonies show.

So, by making more of Derek’s teaching available to Christians in Eastern Europe we can help them build a vibrant faith. That is why, in 2017 we want to translate, print and distribute thousands of copies of the Foundation Series and other key titles by Derek Prince.

Will you send a gift of $20 or more to help Christians in Eastern Europe lay a strong foundation for their faith?

Right now we are seeking to raise $48,000 for translating and printing in total 60,000 copies of the Foundation Series in Slovak, Croatian, Albanian, Slovenian, Moldavian and Macedonian languages. 

Also, we want to raise an additional $28,000 for printing 16,000 copies of key titles by Derek Prince including Secrets of A Prayer Warrior, Marriage Covenant, Rules of Engagement, They Shall Expel Demons, and more— in Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian, Czech and Bulgarian languages.

What your gift can make possible:

$20 could help put a set of 10 Foundation Series booklets into the hands of two believers in Croatia, Albania or Slovakia.

$50 can help put a life-changing book by Derek Prince into the hands of pastors who can then pass on the teaching to their congregations.

$100 can help resource a small group in a local church and give them a chance to build strong foundations for their lives.

$500 can cover the translation cost of a book into a new language.

It is only with your help that we can continue our ministry of resourcing Christians in Eastern Europe.
So, please use the donation link above to give the most generous gift you can.

Thank you for your generous heart and for your commitment to growing strong disciples in Eastern Europe.

Yours in Christ,





Click here to download a PDF of this report.

How you can help:

  • $10 can help print a book in three languages.
  • $30 can supply a pastor with a library of vital resources. 
  • $100 can help with the translation costs of a book or audio resource.