In our Indigenous Outreach report last year we stated that due to increased outreach activities, the age of Graeme and Veronica’s vehicle and the road conditions they travel on, we would like to help them buy a good, reliable second hand 4-wheel drive in preparation for their trips in 2017. We are happy to advise that as a result of the generous donations from supporters we were able to help them purchase a second hand Nissan Navarra in late March 2017 (photo attached). Graeme and Veronica were blessed and encouraged and wish to thank every person who made it possible.

As you will read from the report below no time was wasted to test the vehicle by visiting Indigenous communities in NSW and a long journey to Alice Springs. Please continue to pray for Graeme and Veronica that God will keep them in good health, send to them helpers with a heart for Indigenous outreach and the Holy Spirit (The Helper) as they prepare their  travel itinerary for 2018.

Alex Genovese
DPM-Australia Director

Outreach Report by Graeme and Veronica Hunter

In April 2016 we travelled to Brewarrina and Walgett for our outreach during Easter.

Arise Shine Fellowship. Pastors Craig & Alison Fraser Casino

We ministered here on the weekend 7th to 9th April and I spoke on the effect that our spiritual condition has on our physical wellbeing.  Many healings took place including a young lady who was healed of a broken heart, an older lady healed of a bad back when her leg grew out 1”. Another was convinced that her diabetes was gone forever. We met a lady Pastor from Yamba to whom we gave 2 USB sticks  for her church, each containing 30 of Derek Prince Video/DVDs foundational teachings..
We then travelled to Tabulam and presented the Pastor with a USB of Derek’s teachings and then to Mulli Mulli community near Woodenbong, presenting them also with a USB. We then travelled up to Caboolture in southern Qld, and met with Kris Schlyder who runs the Indigenous Prayer Network, presenting them with a USB and a DVD.


On the Way to Alice Springs

Noel and I had the pleasure of spending some time with a Pastor Seta Uluivuya and his wife at Wilcannia. He arrived there to take over the lapsed Aboriginal Church last Easter and was grateful for the gift of Derek’s 30 teachings on DVD. They are Fijian and come under the covering of the AOG Inland Missions.

On Saturday 13th May we arrived in Coober Pedy and on Sunday attended Church; the underground Church is called The Catacomb Church (part of the Anglican Church).

Monday through to Wednesday travelled through the Pinjinjarra lands to Ernabella and Amata where there are no Pastors,  however we were able to meet up with some of the Christians including a Papuan women who runs the Community store. We gave her some books and cards and the DVD series.

Thursday 18th,Uluru, and presented USB stick,  Proclamation cards and books to an elder in the Mutujulu Church; then on to  Alice Springs.


Our enforced stay at Alice Springs while our vehicle was repaired was put to good use as we ministered in the Aboriginal Church, Pastored by Pastor Jim Dales, whom we met last year and he was blessed to receive some more of Derek’s teachings in the form of the USB stick , as well as more books and proclamation cards. He now has quite a good library for the use of his people.


We also ministered at 2 of the Town Camps, showing some videos and teaching on the subject of rejection with most coming forward for prayer, one lady hobbled forward with a walker and I asked her to sit so I could check that her legs were the same length. One was an inch shorter than the other and before I could pray for her she felt the shorter one grow out, so I asked her to walk around a bit and she walked back to her seat praising the Lord and left her walker behind. Many of these people have great faith and trust in God.

An excerpt from a recent text message I received from Pastor Terry in Alice Springs reads “Graeme, I have had a great blessing from Derek’s teaching on the USB stick you gave me, I have started saying the promises and have noticed a difference in my personal life. Using Derek Prince teachings to pass on to the locals at Ali Curung.”

Pastor Terry Medling has now joined the team and will be ministering in the remote communities of Northern Territory.

We then moved on to Yuendumu on the Tanami desert and spent a wonderful few days in this remote community teaching in Pastor Clancy Watson’s Church and enjoyed the children singing in their own language.

Pictured is Sherry Lower who is leader of a small Aboriginal Fellowship in Alice Springs who was extremely grateful for the books and proclamation cards we gave her.

We also made contact with a couple at Tea Tree on the Stuart Highway north of Alice, who run a shop there and have built their own Church, which is the only Church in the town. We also gave them some of Derek’s books.

We also gave books to another Alice Springs Aboriginal Church we attended at their Sunday night service, called ‘Desert Life Church’.

We then moved over to Ti Tree (only 250 Km’s across a very rough dusty track) and met with Pastor Hannes Rosslee who is South African and runs the local shop. He and his wife Danielle  love Derek’s teachings and he was overjoyed to receive the USB teachings.

Our next stop was Camooweal, over the border in Queensland where we presented Pastor Johnno Wright with the USB teachings and some Self Study Bible Course books and Proclamation Cards.

In late July we were at Tabulam for a gathering of the Light Horse Association who were preparing for the one hundredth anniversary of the Light Horse Charge at Beersheba. Many Indigenous men were part of the charge and were recruited into the

Light Horse by General Harry Chauvel, who led the charge in 1917 and who came from Tabulam.

Aboriginal man, Raymond Finn, trained up several young Aboriginal men to take part in the re-enactment of the charge in Beersheba in Israel.

We were able to distribute many of the USB sticks and books of Derek’s teachings to those gathered and to the local townsfolk including some of the descendants of the revival that took place during the 50’s in the New England Area. Pastor Bruce Walker has a vivid memory of the vision of Angels ascending and descending a golden stairway leading up to Heaven which occurred night after night on the “old camp ground” at the mission outside Tabulam.

Click the image below to download a PDF of this report.

Indigenous Outreach Report- January 2018

Graeme & Veronica have planned a number of outreach trips for the first half of 2018  in NSW including  a revisit to Alice Springs to join Pastor Terry Medling  for a number of outreaches in Alice Spring and the surrounding areas. Please consider sending a gift by clicking on the donate button below.

Alex Genovese
DPM-Australia Director