Atonement Bundle Vol 1 & Vol 2

Atonement Bundle Vol 1-2 10 Part Series


By the perfect all sufficient sacrifice, Jesus cancelled forever the effects of sin and provided complete well being for every believer. These messages unfold fourteen main aspects of this sacrifice, and four steps by which to appropriate its provisions.

Ten Part Series

Vol 1: One All-Sufficient Sacrifice / Perfected Forever
Divinely Ordained Exchange/ Forgiveness And Healing
Sin Vs. Righteousness / Death Vs. Life
Curse Vs. Blessing / Release From Curses
Poverty Vs. Abundance / Shame Vs. Glory

Vol 2: Rejection Vs. Acceptance / Old Man Vs. New Man
Deliverance from this Present Age / Deliverance from Law and Self
Deliverance from the Flesh / Deliverance from the World
From Legal to Experiential / All-Inclusive Salvation
Four Decisive Steps / Liberation Through Confession

Study Notes included