Fullness of the Cross Bundle

The cross of Jesus is the key to God's treasure house. This series gives directions for using the key and a full inventory of the treasures inside.

Vol 1:

A Personal Revelation, The Exchange Introduced, The Exchange Personalised - Part 1,

The Exchange Personalised - Part 2, Salvation Is All-Inclusive, How To Enter In.

Vol 2:

Righteousness Or Wrath, What The Cross Did To Satan, Satan Defeated And Disarmed,

Witchcraft Obscures The Cross, Deliverance From The Present Evil Age, Deliverance From The Law.

Vol 3:

Deliverance From Self-Centredness - Part 1, Deliverance From Self-Centredness - Part 2,

Deliverance From The Fleshly Nature, Deliverance From The World - Part 1,

Deliverance From The World - Part 2, The Challenge Of The Cross

Vol 4:

The Nature Of The Covenant, The Covenant Of Jesus,The Covenant Of Marriage,

The Cost Of Redemption, How To Appropriate The Blood, The Sevenfold Power Of The Blood