Rediscovering God's Church



How can you fulfil your calling for the 21st century? Where's your place in the Church?

In this comprehensive look at God's design for His church, you will discover how you can experience:

  • The powerful, productive New Testament life.
  • Your place in God's exciting community.
  • Helping to fulfil the Great Commission.
  • Victory in Spiritual Warfare.
  • True fellowship with others.
  • God's will for your life.

The Church is God's family - a place of love, acceptance, joy, learning and purpose; a refuge from the stresses of the world; and an oasis where you are strengthened in your walk with the Lord.

Be infused with a new sense of power and expectation as you learn what it means to be a vital member of the body of Christ. Help fulfil God's vision for the church by becoming a dynamic ambassador of His message to a lost world.


This book is 424 pages.