August 26, Corresponding Fruit

The fountain, or spring, represents something spiritual. A pure spring is the Holy Spirit. A corrupt, salty, impure spring is another spirit.

August 25, Putting on the New

Religion always tries to change man from the outside in: make the skirts longer, make the dresses looser, add something to the border, put something on your head, take off the makeup, lengthen the sleeves, cut the hair, or whatever it is. God always operates in the opposite way.

August 24, Spiritual Nourishment

We have said that the new birth, through God’s Word, produces within the spirit a completely new nature—a new kind of life. This leads us to consider the next major effect that God’s Word produces.

August 23, Being Renewed

Jesus was God veiled in flesh. When the flesh of Jesus was pierced and torn on the cross, the veil was parted.

August 22, Incorruptible Seed

It is the nature of the new man. This new nature cannot sin; it is incorruptible. Do you know why it is incorruptible? God’s seed remains in the new man. What is the seed?

August 21, The Product of Truth

Let’s look a little more fully at the exchange that takes place between the old man and the new man. The old man was the product of the devil’s lie. He was the product of deception.

August 20, New Man Living

The exchange that we are dealing with here is between the old man and the new man. The old man died in Christ on the cross, so that, by exchange, the new man might live in us now.