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June 06, Replacing the Old Sinful Man

Providing complete deliverance from the tyranny of sin required a threefold provision of God. First of all, He had to...

June 05, Nothing Shall Hurt Us

Through our faith in Jesus and His sacrificial death, God has delivered us from the domain of darkness. Notice that word domain.

June 04, A Clean Record

One of the most wondrous aspects of God’s nature is that when He forgives, He does not partially forgive. He totally forgives.

June 03, Worship: The Consummation

In John 4:23–24, Jesus said that the Father is looking for those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.

June 02, Marriage Relationship with the Lord

In Romans 7, Paul said that through the law, we were married. The law was like a marriage covenant, and it was for life.

June 01, Communion with the Creator

The spirit is the part of the human personality that was directly breathed into man by God at creation. It is therefore...

May 31, Union with Christ

The word “joined” is not in the past tense but the ongoing present tense. In other words...