Identification, Part 1


Son of Man

In these studies on the theme of identification, Derek is going to be taking a look at the ways in which Jesus Christ identified Himself with us and how we are invited to identify ourselves with Him. Today, we examine Jesus’ most frequently used title of Himself, Son of Man, and see how He identifies Himself with humankind.


The Suffering Servant

Isaiah writes to us about “the suffering servant,” who is recognized by biblical scholars to be Jesus Christ Himself. Not only was He the Son of Man, depicting human frailty, but He also took upon Himself our infirmities, our transgressions and our punishment.


The Divinely Ordained Exchange

Jesus became our substitute by taking all of the evil that was due to our rebelliousness and sin—that we might receive all the good that was due to His eternal righteousness and complete obedience. What an exchange took place!


From Punishment to Peace (Forgiveness)

Today, Derek begins to reveal specific ways in which “the divine exchange” took place – Jesus bearing all the evil that we might receive all of the blessings that was due to Him. The first way that Derek mentions is: Jesus bore our punishment that we might have God’s forgiveness, or peace.


From Sin to Righteousness

The second exchange, which Derek presents today, is that Jesus became the sin offering, or the guilt offering, for us. He bore our sin in His body on the tree that we might be wrapped in the robe of righteousness that Isaiah has written to us about.